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You're not so vicious, are you now?

Time Turns Flames To Embers

Believe CxE
Baby, lights my fire
Drabble Title: Believe
Rating: General
Warning: Slash
Summary: "My hand clutched to my chest out of desperation as my other arm weakly reached out to him."
In Us, I BelieveCollapse )

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Bitch, please.

Baby, lights my fire

Okay, I found a poem on my harddrive that I completely forgot that I had. I wrote it almost three years ago and had just discovered why I had forgotten about it.

I insanely dislike how it goes together. It's only three stanzas and each stanza is like a puzzle piece, each of which are completely different and don't fit. And it's like I just tried to make them fit and it just didn't work. It doesn't flow.
I came up with the final stanza first and wanted something to go around with it. I played around with it at work and it seemed to be the best I could come up with.

If that's my best, well then . . . fuck me.

Two pieces that remained;

the lie and the forgotten truth

You only left those two pieces

Then you took the lie away far from here


The bell will toll and a tear will follow

distressed and slow

A toll for each silent tear

Where the bell will never cease, painful to my ears


Then you will sit back and listen

to the bittersweet symphony

That is my breaking heart

 Leaving me only a puddle in which to wallow


Just Thinking of You
brad pitt

Just something I wrote while listening to jazz on a long weekend :)
With each word, your tenderness grows...Collapse )

Baby, lights my fire

Billy Burke's new single is fucking Amazing!! 
Download It Now! 
That is all. :D

One-Shot: The White Room

Title: The White Room
Words: 1,292
Genre: Romance/Drama - ish
Rating: G/PG
Summary: "I wanted just to be Closer."
Notes: All Human. Implies student/teacher relationship.. For venus_fiction 's "Apple A Day" ChallengeCollapse )
Disclaimer: I own nothing except a wild imagination.

I'll wait in this place where the sun never shines;Collapse )

Finally some more writing. First attempt at an explicit (of sorts) scene. :D
It was so much fun, it totally tickles my pickle.

I remember everything you saidCollapse )

Giving Me The Shits!
Baby, lights my fire

Woken up at an ungodly hour, again by the same effing birds.
You know the song "Feed The Birds" from Mary Poppins? Well, I wanna feed those birds poison.
They don't help when you've had a big night out then they wake you up when the sun ain't even shining. Bitches.
So until they get a gob full of poison, I have to try and ride it out.
But if there's a plus side to this, at least I have more time to study for a big Math exam. Joy.... -_-
Maybe, I'll ditch that idea and write smut instead?

Birdy Fly, Fly Away
Baby, lights my fire
Why hello there my people. I'm posting for the first time in a while, back fresh from a school camp. Now, I can happily say I have climbed a mountain that is not my clothes on the floor. :) It's a poem about the view from the top of mount Jallore in NSW, Australia which was totally awesome. You should do it if you happen to go through. :)
So without further ado, I give you "Birdy"

A lone bird flies

In the distance

Cutting through country air

While a breeze blows though rolled sleeves.

Here, we are birds

With the world at our feet

Waiting for the wind to take us away

To be as free as the lone bird flies

For a moment, we are one.


Dance - A Fanart Piece
Baby, lights my fire

Title: For Just One Night
Author: teisha_marie
Fanfic/Fanart: Fanart for venus_fictionCollapse ) 's  'An Apple A Day'Collapse )  Carlisle/Bella challenge.
Rating: G
Prompt: Dance
Summary: He asks her to dance, in the hopes that for just one night, she will be his.
Notes: I thought I might try a cartoon-ish approach, I'm so used to realism. I uploaded straight from the computer. Technology just doesn't like me, that's why you can barely see it... But you get the idea.
For Just One NightCollapse )


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